Chris Okey will likely draw most of the starts for Team USA at catcher.

Top 50 Prospects for 2016

Plenty has changed since the release of our first top 50 list, as you’ll find below, but there’s still no denying that this draft is top heavy, and full of players with very high ceilings and very high risks. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our first top 50 rankings of 2016.

aj puk

2016 MLB Mock Draft 3.0 (3/6/16)

College baseball season is officially underway, giving us an ample look at some of the top players eligible for the 2016 MLB Draft, and although the draft is still several months away, there is plenty to be gleaned from early season performances. 1) Philadelphia Phillies: A.J. Puk, LHP, University of Florida 2) Cincinnati Reds: Jason…


Checking in on the 2015 First-Rounders

We’re now a month removed from the 2015 draft, and while there are a few contracts that have yet to be signed, most first-round picks have been inked, and the majority are already playing in various leagues across the minor leagues. Let’s take a look at how each is performing.


Remaining Bonus Pool For Each MLB Team

Here’s a breakdown of what each team has spent so far, how much they have left, and where the money went to (round-by-round). The highest bonuses given in each round are highlighted, and list is ordered in order of which team has spent the most on their 2015 draft picks.

Brady-Aiken-600-4 (1)

$1 million+ Signing Bonus Database

Here you’ll find all signing bonuses of $1 million and higher. 65 bonuses meeting that fit that criteria have been announced. Also included is the percentage of each team’s pool money for the first ten rounds that was spent on each pick. To date, the highest bonus has gone to college shortstop Dansby Swanson ($6.5 million), while…