Derek Fisher, OF, Cedar Crest HS (PA)

Derek Fisher sure knows how to swing the lumber.

And he does it so destructively that ESPN dedicated a whole story to his destructive ways with the bat. Included among the destroyed: church windows, car windshields, and of course…baseballs.

Fisher has been so incredible that he’s hearing his name more and more among the top high-school hitters. It’s now very likely that he’ll end up hearing his name called, like Sale did, in the first-round, possibly towards the middle of the deepest opening round in recent memory.

Last season, Fisher enhanced his lore, slugging .440 with nine home runs. This season, he’s done enough damage to check in at No. 34 on Baseball America’s list of the Top-50 draft prospects. He also garnered much first-round support in the site’s mock draft that saw him slotting in at No. 26 to the Red Sox.

Let’s get down to Fisher’s tools before you spend any more time drooling over his superlatives.

For starters, he has as much power as any high-school hitter. This kid can launch balls out of any park, and does it in one of the more violent manners you’ll ever see. In a way that makes you feel sorry for the ball.

In addition, he’s got great speed, especially for a guy who currently checks in at 6’3″ and 215 pounds. The combination of those two skills alone would be enough to make teams take a long, hard look at him this June, but he’s also a solid outfielder, who has made an incredible transition from the infield.

He’s also got a hunger that burns like no other. He wants to be the best and will let nothing stand in his way.

And if Fisher doesn’t end up on a Major League team’s payroll this June, then he’ll most certainly be one of the most heralded freshman next season playing for Virginia.

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