Matt Smoral, LHP, Solon HS (OH)

Class: HS Senior
Hometown: Solon, Ohio
Height/Weight: 6-8/225
Born: March 18, 1994

At 6’8″ and 225 pounds, Smoral certainly looks the part of a big-leaguer.

Believe it or not, he still has plenty of projection left, not in terms of size, but rather in terms of development: of his body, his delivery and his repertoire.

As is, he looks like a pretty high draft pick, thanks to a low 90s fastball that has some decent movement. He complements the pitch with a slider and changeup, both of which he hasn’t had to use too much since his heater has been so good.

Baseball America was at Smoral’s first start of the season, along with a handful of other scouts. Unfortunately, they were treated to a performance that wasn’t necessarily inspiring. He was not only hit hard, but also had some control issues, most likely due to a blister that forced him out of the game before the fourth-inning.

As the season wares on, Smoral likely won’t get as much attention as some of the other top lefties in the high-school class, namely Hunter Virant and Max Fried, but that could lessen the pressure on him, allowing him to blossom into a potential top 15 or 20 pick.

Smoral has a commitment to UNC, which just about tells you all you need to know about his talent level. If he doesn’t skip town on the Tar Heels, he’ll easily have top-10 potential come 2014.

Another testament to his potential is the fact that Smoral has worked in the offseason with 2010 number two pick Jameson Taillon.

Fastball: 88-93 mph
Slider: 81-86 mph
Changeup: 77-82 mph

Smoral pitching for Midland Redskins, September 26, 2010
Smoral Scouting Video, Baseball America, January 27, 2012

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