Avery Romero, 2B/SS/3B, Pedro Menendez HS (FL)

Class: HS Senior
Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida
Height/Weight: 6-0/200
Born: May 11, 1993

One of the top prospects from Florida, and a player we’ve seen in person playing just down the street at Pedro Menendez High, Avery Romero is rising up draft boards as of late.

Arguably the top pure hitter from the Sunshine State’s draft class, Romero has the chance to be a special hitter. He has great strength in his hands and wrists and combines that with excellent hand-eye coordination. Not many fastballs can sneak by him. 

He’s been mostly a line-drive hitter in high school but he’s shown some incredible raw power, most of which is generated from his thick lower half.

As one would guess for a guy labeled with a “thick lower half,” Romero is no burner. As such, he’ll likely be forced from shortstop to either second or third base. Playing him at either one of those spots might even be a stretch, so a move to an outfield corner might be in the long-term plans.

Romero will be a tough sign, as are most University of Florida commits.

Romero at 2010 Power Showcase HR Derby


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