2015 Position Rankings: OF (Updated!!!)

OFIf you’re looking for the position with the most depth and the most exciting playmakers, look no further than the outfield. This year’s crop has a little bit of everything, from some heavy hitters (Greg Pickett and Demi Orimoloye) to some speedsters (Steven Duggar and Tyler Williams).

Then there’s the all-around talents, such as Daz Cameron. You might know Cameron due to his relation to former big-leaguer Mike Cameron, who hit over 270 home runs the Majors and stole nearly 300 bases. Don’t go thinking the younger Cameron is playing off of his famous name though. He’s one talented prospect in his own right, and with the proper development he should go on to a much more productive career than his dad.

These rankings are current as of 5/13/15, and will be updated throughout the draft season.

# Player Pos University/High School Height Weight B-T
1 Dazmon Cameron OF Eagle’s Landing HS (GA) 6-1 186 R-R
2 Greg Pickett OF Legend HS (CO) 6-4 205 L-R
3 Trenton Clark OF Richland HS (TX) 6-0 200 L-L
4 Kyle Tucker OF Plant HS (FL) 6-4 175 L-R
5 Nick Plummer OF Brother Rice HS (MI) 5-11 200 L-L
6 Jahmai Jones OF Wesleyan HS (GA) 6-0 210 R-R
7 D.J. Stewart OF Florida State University 6-0 230 L-R
8 Gio Brusa OF Pacific University 6-3 220 S-R
9 Doak Dozier OF Arlington Heights HS (TX) 6-3 180 L-R
10 Eric Jenkins OF West Columbus HS (NC) 6-2 165 L-R
11 Mitchell Hansen OF Plano HS (TX) 6-4 197 L-L
12 Skye Bolt OF University of North Carolina 6-2 175 S-R
13 Donnie Dewees OF University of North Florida 6-0 180 L-L
14 Andrew Stevenson OF Louisiana State University 6-0 184 L-L
15 Garrett Whitley OF Niskayuna HS (NY) 6-1 195 R-R
16 Kep Brown OF Wando HS (SC) 6-5 195 R-R
17 Tyler Williams OF Raymond S. Kellis HS (AZ) 6-3 210 R-R
18 Chris Chatfield OF Spoto HS (FL) 6-3 190 L-L
19 Demi Orimoloye OF St. Matthew HS (Canada) 6-4 225 R-R
20 Christin Stewart OF University of Tennessee 6-0 205 L-R
21 Tate Matheny OF Missouri State University 6-0 185 R-R
22 Daniel Reyes OF Mater Academy (FL) 6-2 200 R-R
23 Blake Perkins OF Verrado HS (AZ) 6-0 180 R-R
24 Harrison Bader OF University of Florida 6-0 190 R-R
25 Steven Duggar OF Clemson University 6-2 195 L-R
26 Braden Bishop OF University of Washington 6-1 188 R-R
27 Ben Johnson OF University of Texas 6-0 191 R-R
28 Joe McCarthy OF University of Virginia 6-3 215 L-L
29 Ryan Johnson OF College Station HS (TX) 6-3 205 L-R
30 Rhett Wiseman OF Vanderbilt University 6-1 205 L-R
31 Cam Gibson OF Michigan State University 6-2 195 L-R
32 Reese Cooley OF Chipola College 6-2 205 R-R
33 Kyle Survance OF University of Houston 6-0 190 L-R
34 Dexter Neal OF Stephenson HS (GA) 6-3 210 R-R
35 Mark Laird OF Louisiana State University 6-2 173 L-L
36 Kyri Washington OF Longwood University 6-1 215 R-R
37 Kyle Dean OF Rancho Bernardo HS (CA) 6-1 195 R-R
38 Ryan McKenna OF St. Thomas Aquinas HS (ME) 5-10 185 R-R
39 Kevin Collard OF Rancho Buena Vista HS (CA) 6-0 200 L-R
40 Dayton Dugas OF Sam Houston HS (LA) 6-2 225 R-R
41 Brendon Sanger OF Florida Atlantic University 6-1 180 L-R
42 Marquise Doherty OF Winnetonka HS (MO) 6-1 205 R-R
43 Darryl Wilson OF Canton South HS (OH) 5-8 170 L-L
44 Jaylin Davis OF Appalachain State University 6-1 195 R-R
45 Andrew Benintendi OF University of Arkansas 5-10 180 L-L
46 Craig Brinkerhoff OF Utah Valley University 6-2 195 R-R

4 thoughts on “2015 Position Rankings: OF (Updated!!!)

    • Duggar is in that 21-25 zone. He’s a solid player that straddles that line between fourth outfielder and starter. Defensively, he has it all, but at the plate the question is “will he get on base enough to make use of his plus speed.” He’s certainly an interesting prospect but his ceiling just isn’t as high as some of the players ahead of him.

  1. Is anybody even looking at the Howell kid from Eastern Illinois?? I believe he was 3rd in the NATION last year in batting average yet I don’t see his name anywhere in any of the mock drafts.

    • While Howell has had a heck of a career at EIU, it’s pretty rare for someone to go undrafted after their junior year and then make the jump to the first two rounds. He might be worth of a late-round selection.

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