MLB Draft Countdown was launched in June of 2011 in order to give the average baseball fan a taste of what to look forward to in the coming year’s draft.

Included in that coverage are scouting reports (basic and detailed), mock drafts, game reports, prospect rankings, and all the best and latest buzz on the draft from around the web.

Another main focus of the site will be to examine the impact of past draft classes on individual organizations and both Major and Minor League Baseball as a whole.

Also…to subtly bash the Yankees as often as possible.

Writing for MLB Draft Countdown, we have:

Zachary Ball, RF, Ascension Catholic Elementary School (FL)

Zachary is an avid baseball fan, of the Orioles primarily and anyone who plays the Yankees secondarily. His love for the Orioles and their endless woes led him to shift his focus towards the minor leagues, and more importantly the draft. His playing days ended with an undefeated record and a league championship in eighth-grade, and now he dreams of one day being Jim Callis.

In addition to his baby (MLB Draft Countdown), Zach also currently writes for Bleacher Report and SportsTrough.

One thought on “About

  1. Just a comment about the top 2018 HS prospect for catchers…..Allante Hall is hands down the truth and should be listed as #1 prospect for catchers. When was the last time you seen an African American catcher with the skillset he has and playing the position for only 4 years. I challenge anyone to compare his skillset and potential with any high school or college catcher entering the 2018 draft.

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